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Sorry, we forgot to attach it - here it is!


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A Chilly Dip in the Atlantic

The Dingle Peninsula, near Kerry

Just a quick pic to 'tide' you guys over :)

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Finding Us Online

We've changed our plan :)

We have decided to write travel 'diaries' instead of blogs as they can be password protected, so we'll briefly outline the steps for you to view them!

- Follow the same link that you did to this page (www.cayook.travellerspoint.com)
- Scroll down, on the right hand side you will see a Heading that says 'Authors' and click 'cayook'
- A new page will come up. Click under the Heading 'About Cayook' on the right hand side, where it says ' Travellerspoint Profile'
- A new page will come up, scroll to the bottom and enter the password we had given you in the FB or email message under the heading that reads 'Travel Diary'

VOILA! You should see our posts!


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A Test-Run

Welp, here goes nothing!

Don't get too excited to settle in and read anything - I'm writing this from a gas plant field in the middle of nowhere so there's nothing much to report yet! You should also be happy to know that I won't be the one writing of our European adventures (fingers crossed) but instead I'll leave that up to the artsy of us two...Mr. Gibson :)

My pack is packed (and bulging) and the passport and tickets are in safe keeping (with Luke) so there isn't much I could possibly screw up except to miss the flight! Anyways, that's all for now I just wanted to see if people will be able to search our blog space and if the so-called 'password protection' is truly safe.


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